Louis Grasset

Louis Grasset

Software Engineer in Paris, France, He/Him

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2 years ago


French Software Engineer. Currently working at Dashlane.



In addition to monitoring vault items on the dark web, we now also check for leaks of users' master passwords.

Anti-phishing at Dashlane

The anti-phishing feature is designed to protect Dashlane users from being targeted by phishing attempts.

The extension now creates a traffic intercept based on the detection of these malicious URLs. It then displays a warning page explaining to the user what happened.

Thanks to this, we can reduce the phishing risk for our users and protect them and their vaults.


The Password Health feature provides users an instantaneous score reflecting their Dashlane credentials security level.

Reused passwords, compromised ones, and passwords similarities are took into account to generate the score. If some of them are part of third-party security breaches, we'll also reflect that in the score.

To comply with our new internal framework APIs, we had to migrate this feature.

Password Changer at Dashlane

Password Changer allows user to change their passwords on eligible websites with a single click.

We rely on Machine Learning, User interaction automation, and context manipulation to achieve this result.

Work made:

  • enhance the engine
  • fix some specific websites issues
  • migrate the project in a single monorepo using pnpm
  • enhance our internal testing extension
  • port the whole feature in a hybrid Web Extension MV2 & MV3 compatible state

To comply with the new Web Extensions API Manifest V3, the way content blocking & redirection were made by Password Changer attempts had to be completely rewritten.

Gitlab Boost at Dashlane

Gitlab Boost is an internal Chrome Extension made to enhance the daily usage of Gitlab.

Features birds-eye view: automatic mutual approvers detection, confetti on merge, issue injection in MR, enhanced corporate theme, backtick rendering in most of the pages and more.

Usage of web components, gitlab ci, webpack, typescript and more.


Dark Web Monitoring allows enterprises and individuals from being notified when some of their data appear in third-party services dataleaks or security breaches.

To comply with our new internal framework APIs, we had to migrate this feature.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Paris, France (remote)

Dashlane — 🚀 Activation team

  • Team Admin Console

  • Team Vault management

  • Internal documentation visual updates

  • Disable Personal Space feature for new B2B Teams

  • Vault Get Started

  • Account deletion/reset migration

  • Migrations to the new Design System (logins, payments, secure notes, ids...)• Push Extension installation (Banner management, Modals, UI)

Dashlane — ⚔️ Risk mitigation team

  • Dark Web Monitoring migration

  • Password Health migration

  • Features migration with a new design system

  • TechWeek project: Gitlab Boost. Usage of web components, gitlab ci, webpack, typescript and more.

  • Anti-phishing feature: traffic interception based on malicious websites targeting Dashlane users

  • Dark Web Monitoring for Master Password • Leaked Master Password • Weak Master Password • Team Admin Console live updates

Dashlane — ⚔️ Protect the user team

  • Password Changer feature sunset

  • Product ownership & decisions

Dashlane — 🦾 Password Changer team

  • porting feature to hybrid MV2 & MV3 use case

  • improve the engine

  • create new engine features

  • double supported websites

  • internal webinars

2020 — Now
2020 — 2022
Lyon, France

• Setting up a new architecture of styles
• Conception and Implementation of a dark theme
• Design of business components
• Design of functionalities
• Harmonization of visual rendering in web applications
• Participation in the SCRUM process

2020 — 2020
Lyon, France

• Components development
• Graphic design
• UX/UI design

2020 — 2020
Lyon, France

• Front-end development: integration of a mock-up
• Back-end development: fully customised theme

2020 — 2020
Lyon, France

• Front-end on radiance.fr #drupal #scss
• Front-end on manitowoc.com #drupal #scss #jquery
• Development of rich component animations #scss #jquery
• Added many features via Svelte to an internal MCQ project #svelte #scss #websockets
• Added sorting, graphics and other features to an internal career management project (mini LinkedIn) #angular #scss #typescript

2019 — 2019
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Région Sud, France

• Security missions
• Safety missions on board and near the trains
• On-board service missions (control, information)
• Commercial missions

2019 — 2019
Lyon, France

• Front-end on WordPress
• Tailoring of a WordPress theme

2019 — 2019
Lyon, France

• Front-end on WordPress for iphon.fr
• Front-end on WordPress for presse-citron.net

2019 — 2019
Lyon, France

• Development of Vue.Js components
• Static page development
• UX/UI design
• WebSummit 2018, Lisbon
• Cegid 2018, Paris

2018 — 2018
Lyon, France

• Implementation of a Vue.Js SPA
• Laravel / Vue.Js / GCP / Vagrant stack
• Graphic redesign
• UX/UI design
• Product definition


2019 — Now

I help people visually impaired to get things done.

2022 — Now
Vosges, France

Emergency first aider.


2019 — 2020
2012 — 2015
Baccalauréat S, Spécialité SVT option ISN at Lycée Édouard Herriot


2019 — 2020

Tâches Essentielles de Sécurité G, Tâches de Sécurité Autre qu'Essentielles 6